LEGIS is serving as Voice of the Voiceless, actively advocating for humane and dignified treatment towards refugees and migrants and improvement of the situation in Macedonia regarding access to rights and protection in reception and transit centers, detention and irregular transit.

Our Advocacy campaign for amendment of the Law on Asylum and Temporary protection in 2015 was successful, resulting with strengthened protection and access to medical services and humanitarian aid to the refugees and migrants in transit.

In September and October 2015, LEGIS advocated for lowering the price of the train tickets the refugees were paying to transit the country, which had risen from 1eur to 25eur per person for refugees and migrants in September.

After the closure of the Balkan Route in March 2016, and the most recent amendments of the Law on Asylum and Temporary protection in April 2016 that introduced the “3rd safe country” principle that limits the access to asylum procedures on the basis of country of entrance as well as the restrictive policy for Family Reunification, LEGIS, together with UNHCR, MYLA, Helsinki Committee and OpenGate-LaStrada, filed a new initiative for amendments of this law.