The holy month of Ramadan has started and the traditional Ramadan project of Legis as well. This month is about fasting, but also about solidarity and generous donations. Having in mind that the Covid-19 crisis made a lot of damage to the local and global economy, many people left without work and they struggle for a decent life. Legis with its noble donors is with them all year, supporting them with everyday bread delivery, every month food boxes, clothes, and hygienic needs. This year as a part of the Ramadan project, Legis organizes a couple of activities:

1. 220 iftar hot meal dinners are being delivered to the socially vulnerable local citizens and 22 to the Asylum center Vizbegovo for the asylum seekers. The price of 4 iftars is 10 euro.

2. 120 Food boxes for the socially vulnerable local citizens at the start of the month and same 120 at the end of the month, before the Eid holiday. The price of the food boxes is 15 euro. Let's show solidarity during Ramadan by donating for iftars and for food boxes. Iftar is much more than a portion of food, let's give them hope! You can donate online: www.legs.mk/donate or on our bank account: 210-0650443401-53, NLB